What is Physical Therapy?

What is Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy has been our means of treating various diseases, injuries or deformities with the use of various physical methods like heat treatment, massage and exercise without the use of drugs and surgery.

After a person experiences physical impairments, physical therapists will create a customized treatment plan in order to help make daily tasks easier and so that the quality of life of the patient will improve.

What are the benefits of PT for the senior members of our family?

Elderly patients are suffering from issues that revolve around the aging process. Pain, balance issues and poor muscle strength plague these older adults therefore giving them the need to consult a physical therapist.

Whatever problems the seniors face regarding their mobility and general wellbeing, physical therapy remains beneficial for these individuals to hang on to their independence for as long as possible.

The benefits of physical therapy to the seniors include:

  • Turning back or keeping up an active lifestyle
    If the seniors maintain an active lifestyle, their overall health will improve drastically. In order for them to keep up with their active lifestyle, they need to lean on to physical therapy.As time slowly contributes to the decline of movement among the seniors, it is physical therapy that aids in trimming down the risk of various physical problems such as obesity, high cholesterol build up and many more.
  • Redeveloping and improving balance
    Believe us when we say that falling down remains the number one cause of accidents among our older adults. This often results in fractures in the bone and even injuries that may threaten their life. With the help of physical therapy, seniors can regain their balance for PTs teach their old patients some techniques that maintain their balance.
  • Receiving effective treatment without invasive procedures.
    Many seniors do not want to have a needle encounter in hospitals let alone invasive procedures such as surgery. Surgery is not the last resort seniors need to face in treating their disability. In fact, physical therapy is as effective, if not better, as these methods in curing the disability.
  • Lessening discomforts brought about by arthritis
    Physical therapists have a lot of techniques and activity modifications up on their sleeves that enable them to alleviate the pain caused by arthritis. It can even make up for future symptoms through utilizing exercises that maintains the use and strength of their joints.

Physical therapy is given by Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. among other Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts. In case you need help from our group of licensed and experienced physical therapists, you can access us through our website at www.prestigehcs.com.

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