All You Need to Know about Speech Therapy for the Older Adults

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Speech therapy is a new field of study in the medical field. Older adults equally benefit from this therapy and it has become a necessity for the elders have been suffering from the consequences brought to them by stroke or dementia.

Being able to communicate well is significant no matter what age you are in. Elderly patients need this ability more than ever for they need to further describe the things they need, where their injuries hurt or what they feel is wrong with their system.

If they have communication issues, there is a probability that they may fail in putting across their problems which could end up with the wrong medical procedures and treatments.

Once your beloved senior has developed any difficulties in communicating, there will be a number of consequences if you continue to ignore the issue. The following are indications when you need speech therapy services:

  • Having problems with regards to requesting for items
  • Having a hard time responding to questions
  • Experiencing trouble when dealing with finances, and other personal matters
  • Showing incapability when it comes to steering clear of dangerous situations and injuries

An elderly patient would need the aid of a speech therapy due to speech issues that come with the natural aging process. It is a fact among the medical professionals that once a person becomes older, his or her vocal cord becomes less elastic and the muscles on their larynx weakens.

In response to these physical changes, seniors need to submit themselves to speech therapy in order to relearn how to speak with the use of vocal exercises so as to help them regain their ability to effectively communicate.

Stroke survivors also need speech therapy because most of these patients experience what we call aphasia, a type of language impairment that messes up one’s ability to use and understand language.

According to statistics, one in every stroke survivors suffer from aphasia and one of the effective solutions to this disability is through rehabilitation. The good news is that through rehabilitation, a survivor could regain his capability to speak. But the whole rehabilitation can only be successful if the issue has been addressed quickly.

A speech-language pathologist has had professional training and education allowing him or her to focus on their following problems of the geriatric population:

  • Speech
  • Language
  • Voice
  • Cognition
  • Swallowing problems

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