A Warning Sign: Sudden Weight Loss

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Some senior citizens who used to be physically fit experience a sudden change in their respective weights. One day, a family member would just be shocked to see his grandfather as thin as his adolescent years’ body. Sometimes, weight loss is even accompanied by a certain paleness or frailness. Weight loss is a warning sign you shouldn’t ignore of, especially if it occurs in the elderly. Here’s why.

According to livestrong.com, sudden weight loss can present a lot of consequences in health.

Grace Brooke Huffman, a medical doctor, said that the significant relationship between quality of life and sudden weight loss can be proven by rising mortality rates. Weight loss can be related to bigger health conditions such as diabetes or cancer. Doctors have encountered patients who had rapid weight changes and were later diagnosed with such deadly diseases.

Early detection of warning signs should be monitored.

Once you observe rapid weight loss, difficulty in moving around, loss of appetite or taste, loss of smell, depression/psychological problems, and etc., don’t be hesitant to consult the doctor about these signs or symptoms. Early detection of signs of health deterioration will help a patient prevent from suffering too much.

To solve this, proper nutrition is also needed.

A balanced diet can help your elderly loved one recover from sudden weight loss. Try to blend different types of fruits, vegetables, and a little amount of meat for each meal to help him/her recover. Let him/her try fruit juices, milk, or beneficial drinks that may aid average weight gain once more.

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