How to Handle Senior Adults Complaining About Medicating

How to Handle Senior Adults Complaining About Medicating
It is very common to experience resistance or hesitation when it comes to having your senior loved ones take their medication. It is important to understand that this is normal and that your frustration isn’t warranted. Prestige Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts understands this common predicament. Our home health care in Worcester, Massachusetts have trained, skilled and compassionate caregivers and nurses who deal with having to gently convince senior adults to take their medication on a regular basis. Reluctance to take medication can be due to a number of factors, including:

  • The medication itself can change the person’s mood or personality
  • They are experiencing pain that is causing too much discomfort and annoyance
  • The medication may not taste good
  • They might have a hard time swallowing medication taken orally
  • They are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. which makes them forget the need for medication
  • They are innately stubborn

Senior adults may offer excuses such as;
“The medicine tastes bad.”
“The medicine makes me dizzy.” or “The medicine upsets my stomach.”
“I already took my medicine.”
“I don’t need medicine. I feel fine.”
“I don’t feel like taking any medication.”
“You can’t make me drink/take that.”

This can indeed be very frustrating. However, know that it is your obligation to ensure that they are in top shape and that includes keeping the on track with their medication. Try to learn and adjust on how to properly react to their behavior and not further aggravate them which will only make them more tenacious. Here are a few tips on convincing them to take their medicine:

  • Do not force them or argue with them.
  • Try to distract them from taking the medication for a while then talk about a positive topic. Once you see that their mood changes for the better, give it another shot.
  • Don’t take their negative or aggressive behavior personally.
  • Understand that this behavior they are displaying sometimes cannot be helped. They sometimes feel helpless as well.
  • Talk to them in a soothing, compassionate and caring manner.
  • Try explaining the importance of taking medicine and assure them that it is for their own benefit.

Prestige Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts has passionate and compassionate caregivers trained to address the needs of every client. We understand that the most important basic guideline is to act with love and extreme patience. We deal efficiently with challenging behaviors such as administering medication and come up with solutions to effectively address each issue. We deeply value the quality care and well-being of our clients and patients.

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