6 Reasons Why You Should Trim Your Nails Regularly


Personal hygiene includes taking care of small areas of your body, such as your fingernails and toenails. Unfortunately, for some people, particularly the elders, they find it difficult to attend to their nails. Will this cause some serious problems? Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. believes it does. Let us enumerate six reasons why keeping the fingernails and toenails short are recommended for seniors.

  1. It causes bacterial infection.
    Keeping your nails long can cause bacterial infection. This is because dirt can accumulate in your nails. We all know that bacteria and germs are attracted to dirt. This is especially true for your toenails. When you wear shoes, your feet produce sweat because they do not have enough space to be able to breathe. When you do not trim your nails, bacteria and germs will start growing on your toenails and this can cause bacterial infection.
  2. It causes fungal infection.
    Fungal infections are caused by fungi. One of the most common types of fungal skin infection is athlete’s foot. It affects the skin on the feet, usually between the toes. One of the risk factors that contribute to this condition is keeping your nails long. Fungi like to hide in dirty parts of the body. Dirt accumulates in your nails and same with bacteria and germs, fungi are attracted to dirt.
  3. It causes food poisoning.
    We have already established several times that dirt particles hide in your long nails. Using your hands to eat food when you have long nails can allow bacteria and other infectious organisms to enter in your system. This can result in food poisoning. It is highly recommended that people should clean their hands and fingernails thoroughly before preparing and eating food.
  4. It causes injury.
    Keeping long nails increases your risk of injuring yourself and others as well. With long nails, there is a big chance that you will unintentionally cut yourself or other people. It can even cause serious injury as when you accidentally hit your eye (or someone else’s eye) with it.
  5. It causes inward nail growth.
    Ingrown nails usually happen to the toes. It occurs when the edges of the nail grow into the skin next to it. This causes redness, tenderness, and even bleeding in the affected area. This is considered the most serious medical condition caused by not cutting your nails regularly.
  6. It signifies poor hygiene.
    Keeping your nails short and clean indicates that you practice good hygiene. As explained, good hygiene helps prevent diseases by getting rid of bacteria and other infectious microbes.

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