The 5 common health problems among Seniors

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As we enter stages in our lives, our bodies undergo different changes. You may notice the wrinkles on a grandfather’s face or the weak sense of hearing from a grandmother. You may also notice your parents being forgetful in the age of 40 to 50. All these cannot be ignored. With aging comes different problems that will affect one’s daily functioning. You should be aware of these as you grow older so that you can make use of what you have today. Here are the five common health problems among senior citizens.


“I can’t go today because my feet hurt so bad” can be a prevalent excuse among seniors when they are invited to social functions like birthday parties. It may hinder them from climbing up the stairs or moving around when they feel a certain part of their body aching in pain. People aged 65 and older usually get arthritis at a varying degree of pain.

Heart Problems

One of the leading causes of death in the US is heart disease. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 489, 722 deaths have been counted in the year 2014 among adults aged 65 and above. High blood pressure and high blood cholesterol may be the two reasons why heart problems arise. Exercise, a well-balanced diet, and a regular trip to the doctor can surely help you fight these heart problems.


Cancer is another sure killer for most adults in the US. There are various types of cancers, with varying stages as well. You should visit the doctor and have yourself checked through skin checks, colonscopies, mammograms and other screenings as early as now. Cancer can be really deadly and it may not show up immediately.


The CDC also investigated on the occurrence of Diabetes for adults aged 65 and above. The findings were: 25 percent of people in the said age range (65 years old and above) have a health risk with regards to diabetes. You can check if you or your loved ones have diabetes by monitoring one’s blood sugar levels. Checking up for diabetes can give significantly decrease the risk of getting more complications from diabetes.

Alzheimer’s disease

Although it is mostly regarded as a mental health problem, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for most of the deaths of senior adults. This disease may be difficult to diagnose. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia which can affect one’s mental processes, including thinking, memory and behaviour.

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