Simple Tips to Avoid Catching the Flu

Simple Tips to Avoid Catching the Flu

With the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, people all over the world are alarmed by how fast the virus has spread. The respiratory virus manifest flu-like symptoms including fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing. 

Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. prepared a list of tips to help you and your loved ones stay protected against flu:

  • Boost your immune system
    Your immune system works as a vanguard against the bacteria and virus that come in your body. To prevent infection from developing into flu, boost your immune system by eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. Kids and the elderly are susceptible to different types of infection due to a weak immune system. Entrust your loved ones in a home care provider in Worcester, Massachusetts to make sure they are in a safe and clean environment.
  • Practice good hygiene
    Good hygiene begins at proper handwashing. Make sure to wash your hands before touching your eyes, nose, mouth, and most especially, your food. After using the comfort room and taking care of a sick loved one, make sure to also wash your hands. Adult care services in Massachusetts put your elderly loved ones’ health and welfare first at all times. They make sure that seniors have good hygiene habits to maintain better protection against flu.
  • Get a flu shot
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting a yearly flu vaccine. Make sure all your family members, including your elderly loved ones receiving home health care services get a flu shot to ensure that they are guarded. It is also important that you seek professional advice from your physician for proper health evaluation and recommendations.
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