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Most people think that exercise only matters when you’re younger and that it’s too late to reap the benefits of being physically active when you’re older. But that’s not true!

Even if your loved one is already a senior citizen, committing to physical activity can actually be quite advantageous to them. Among the many benefits include enhanced muscle strength, improved weight management, increased sense of balance, and a lot more. With these perks in tow, your elderly parent or grandparent will be able to remain healthier and productive through advanced age.

However, most seniors don’t always take to trying out a workout. Luckily for you, we have compiled a number of tips that should help you encourage your senior loved one to get back to exercising:

  • Give them a role model.
    Which role model? Why, you, of course! Your senior loved one is more bound to try out new exercise techniques if you do it too. Even better if you can show them the result of your own exercise habits!
  • Motivate them with an inspirational movie or documentary.
    If you don’t have a silver tongue to convince your senior loved one to try exercise, don’t worry. You can also count on movies and documentaries to help pass the message you want to share. Schedule a movie marathon with the older adults in your family this weekend! You might be surprised how they’d end up raring to go and try some jogging the next day.
  • Accompany them during exercise routines.
    As they say, the more the merrier! Exercise routines can even become a regular family event that all of you can bond over. And besides, exercise doesn’t always have to be a rigorous workout either. You can simply go swimming, biking, or hiking! The options are truly endless. Tap into an activity that is familiar with the family.
  • Compliment them on their progress.
    Words of encouragement always act like a beacon of light during a challenging experience, so make sure you don’t hold back on giving your senior loved one words of praise for their hard work. As an example, you can tell them about how much they have improved their posture, or if they have lost weight, or simply even that they are taking the initiative to change for the better.

Exercise for seniors doesn’t necessarily need to be done at the gym too. You and your loved one can simply take a walk around the block or enjoy a physical activity together. But in case you want your elderly parent or grandparent to have a more guided approach to exercise, you can always consult with Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. (a Home Care Provider in Worcester, Massachusetts). We can render either physical or occupational therapy (or both), in the own comforts of your home. Give us a call to ask us about it.

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