6 Steps on How to Combat Depression among Senior Citizens


Depression can be a recurring condition. According to experts, depression is usually prevalent among teenagers and young adults. However, new studies claim that such phenomena relapse happens when one crosses the age of 60 and up. This fact explains why an alarming number of senior adults inflict self-harm and even commit suicide.

If you know a senior citizen, help him or her fight this horror. Here are recommended steps to deal with geriatric depression:

  1. Identify help signals

    Some senior citizens tend to keep their problems to themselves. Perhaps they think that they do not want to become a bother to their family. When your senior loved ones are not very vocal, be keener with them. Long sighs and the state of paranoia are common indications that they may need help. Display of excessive happiness can be suspicious too.

  2. Talk through the problem

    Talking is an effective therapy to disperse negative emotions. Discuss their problems. Identify the causes and formulate solutions. Have an interactive conversation. Listen to their thoughts and sentiments while expressing your own ideas too. Use your words to spark encouragement and hope.

  3. Spend more time with them

    Depression is potent against people who are often alone. Break the spell of negativity by being a positive company to the old-timers. Continue to laugh and share with them a good cheer. Do more things together. Accompanying them to their doctor’s appointment can already make a significant difference. You do not have to do much, just make them feel that you are there for them.

  4. Stay persistent

    When seniors tend to push you away, hold your ground. Never be discouraged nor infuriated. They are going through a tough time, and we can do nothing to erase the pain completely. When they lash at you, stay respectful. Help them even though they do not need it.

  5. Encourage rehabilitation programs

    There is a limit to how much you can help them. There are people who are trained to provide emotional refuge to seniors suffering from depression. When things go beyond your control, ask for professional help. Resorting to psychologists and therapists does not mean you are giving up on them, rather, you are just making sure that you are able to provide the highest form of support available to secure their utmost welfare.

  6. Rebuild social connection

    Depression feeds on negativity and isolation. To keep this monster at bay, link your senior loved ones to their friends and other family members. If not, introduce them to circles that share similar interests with them. Help them see the beauty of human interaction again.

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