5 Effective Tactics to Make the Most Out of Physical Therapy


Physical therapy can help reduce or eliminate pain, improve mobility, improve balance, manage age-related issues, and it can help you heal after a sports injury or a stroke. At Prestige Health Care Services, Inc., we offer our Physical Therapy services that can bring you these benefits and more.

In order to maximize the benefits of Physical Therapy, it is important for you to be prepared for your sessions. Listed below are some effective tactics that can help you make the most out of Physical Therapy:

  • Prepare your medical and family history. It is crucial for you to present your full medical and family history to your Physical Therapist. After all, there may be some therapeutic exercises that may not be advisable if you have certain medical conditions. Presenting your medical history to your therapists will give them a better understanding of your condition and it will allow them to develop a more effective rehabilitation plan that suits your needs.
  • Make a list of your symptoms. For your first session, make and bring a list of all of your symptoms, such as tingling sensations, pains in specific parts of your body, numbness, and etc. Also, list down other important details such as how often these symptoms occur, what triggers or aggravates the pain, and when they usually occur. This will allow your therapist to better understand your condition and create a rehabilitation plan that can address your specific concerns.
  • Dress comfortably.Physical Therapy involves a lot of moving around – you will be asked to do stretches and various movements which is why it is important for you to dress comfortably. Wear clothes that will allow you to move around easily. Moreover, consider wearing clothes with a breathable material in order to avoid skin irritation.
  • Tell the therapist about your goals. Do you want to improve your balance and coordination? Do you want to learn how to manage and minimize chronic pain? Do you want to learn how to do certain things so that you can stay independent? When you tell your therapists about your specific goals, it will allow them to prepare a more beneficial treatment plan that coincides with what you want to achieve.
  • Always do your exercises. Your Physical Therapists may prescribe some exercises for you to perform outside of your rehab sessions. Make sure that you follow their instructions exactly as indicated – don’t do little or too much. When done right, these exercises can help promote healing and recovery. However, for example, if you are feeling good, you may be tempted to do an extra set of exercises – please avoid this temptation. If you push yourself too hard, too fast, you might end up just hurting yourself and damaging your progress.

We aim to be your most trusted partner when it comes to physical therapy and home health care in Worcester, Massachusetts. Keep these suggestions in mind to make the most out of your physical therapy sessions!

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