3 Reasons Why Companionship is Good for your Loved Ones


One of the biggest fears among senior patients is that they might grow old alone. Isolation and neglect are two things that senior adults dread. Hence, such fear is often projected by their aloof actions or when they start isolating themselves from their family and friends. This should not be the case for most adults. Instead, they should embrace aging and take it in a positive light.

Good thing, healthcare providers are now offering companionship programs that can greatly affect the overall well-being of seniors. Particularly, our caregivers in Prestige Health Care Services, Inc., a trusted name in Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts, offer a unique kind of companionship that your senior loved ones will truly love. We value not just quality service but comfort and a good friendship as well. Over the years, we have realized that seniors who remain healthy and optimistic are those who have received the attention they need.

Here are three of the reasons why having a companion could greatly benefit your loved ones:

  1. Senior patients live longer

    Most of us believe that our lives move fast the moment we are in our fifties. It is in this age that the signs of aging are most visible. From facial wrinkles to weak muscles or even discovering some illnesses. But if we start getting an all around companion for our loved ones, this could save us a great deal of stress.

    Studies show that patients who have a permanent companion, regardless if that person is a family or not, tend to live longer. Because we are social beings, it is inevitable that we will always need someone who will be there for us all the time. With a companion and a caregiver, our senior adults will never feel neglected and isolated.

    Senior patients tend to feel easily depressed especially when they do not have someone whom they can talk to. But to those who have a companion, they can easily express their thoughts and feelings on some things. In return, caregivers could also give some advice or comments to correct their feelings so as not to feel depressed or sad. With this simple gesture, it could really go a long way for seniors.

  2. Seniors have lower risk of developing disease

    Depression, isolation, and anxiety, albeit an emotional feeling, can potentially lead to diseases. Dementia and heart diseases are just two of the most common diseases associated with depression and loneliness. If we usually leave our loved ones at home, they have the tendency to overthink things that could destroy their mood or that could put them in constant somber feeling.

    But having a constant companion could be the perfect solution in preventing our seniors to feel sad and lonely. They have someone who can distract them whenever they start feeling negative. Moreover, someone could watch over their health as well because sometimes we channel our loneliness by eating or drinking and smoking which could only complicate everything.

  3. Seniors who have injury can recover faster

    Coming from a major surgery or those who have just been discharged from the hospital are undergoing a lot of stress. The pain they feel from the wounds are still fresh and it cannot be easily neglected. The best way to help alleviate such pain is to get your loved one a caregiver.

    With the help of such person, you do not just have someone who knows the nitty-gritty of wound care and pain management but you also have a person who knows the right words to say to help your senior loved ones feel better.

What are the reasons why you need a companion and a caregiver for your seniors? Perhaps we can help you at Prestige Health Care Services, Inc., your partner in Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts. For queries, you can check our website at www.prestigehcs.com or call us today at 508-757-7878.

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