Tips to Make Aging at Home Safer

Tips to Make Aging at Home Safer

More and more seniors decide to remain at home for their retirement period. Should it be something for you to consider? It is even a safe option?

Certainly! With the right precautions and preparations, aging at home becomes a pleasant experience. And yes, it is a safe alternative too. Not too convinced? Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. has compiled a list that will make your aging at home experience much safer:

  • Place emergency numbers on speed dial

    You can never guess when an emergency might occur. Therefore it helps to keep a list of emergency numbers by the phone.

    If you aren’t able to use a speed dial option, you can always list the numbers in a notepad by the phone. Be sure to write the details legibly in large print. This way, you can easily read them when you are in a rush. A few emergency contact numbers you should prepare include:

    • 911
    • Poison control
    • A family member or a friend you can contact in an emergency
    • Doctor’s office
  • Make an effort to prevent falls

    Falls are more dangerous than you think they are. If you aren’t careful, they can put you at risk for a bone fracture or dire injuries. Thankfully, avoiding falls is easy. Precautions you can take include:

    • Exercising regularly.
    • Using mobility aid.
    • Requesting mobility assistance from a home care provider in Worcester, Massachusetts.
    • Wearing well-fitted shoes.
    • Clearing the walkway from clutter and electrical cords.
    • Get handrails installed in the bathroom, stairway, and bedroom.
    • Secure rugs and mats with adhesive to prevent them from slipping.v
    • Add extra lighting to dim hallways.
  • Take precautions against fire hazards and other related dangers

    Fires can happen when you least expect them. To prevent one from occurring, you can:

    • Wear properly fitted clothes while cooking.
    • Get appliances or electronics with frayed cords replaced.
    • Avoid clogging one outlet with too many plugs.
    • Install a smoke detector in your home and have the battery replaced at least twice a year.
    • Never smoke in the bedroom or leave candles unattended in an empty room.
    • Keep the heater 3 feet away from anything it can potentially burn. (This includes curtains, furniture, or bedding.)

Another way to improve senior safety is to get home health care.

This service enhances the experience of aging at home towards a whole new level. It’s not only geared to help you stay independent in older age. In fact, it also comes with added perks. Home health care helps you to:

  • Stay close to your loved ones.
  • Gain convenient access to medical services.
  • Remain more productive in old age.
  • Avoid social isolation.

Home health care is not something you should miss out on. If you’d like to know more about what it entails, call us. We’re always excited to work with new clients like you! You can also visit our website. From there, booking an appointment is only a few quick clicks away!

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