Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy Even at Seventy


Have you noticed how your skin has changed when you reach fifty, sixty, and seventy?
By fifty, wrinkles and fine lines begin to be prominent on our faces. When we reach sixty, our skin becomes more vulnerable to infections and diseases. As we near seventy, the skin becomes drier, thinner, and less flexible.

Because of these changes, the skin care products we have used before might no longer be enough in maintaining a healthy-looking skin. Can we do something about this? Prestige Health Care Services have these tips in store for us.

  • Diet filled with nutrients. 

    Healthy meals for seniors are not solely the responsibility of caregivers. Both of us, the care benefactors and the provider of Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts should work together to craft a meal plan which would be suitable to our palate and still be rich in nutrients as required by the care provider.

    A diet rich in Vitamin A would be best for our skin because it helps prevent skin damage caused by infections. Vitamin C hastens the healing of scars and wounds and Vitamin E protects the skin from cell membrane damage. Protein and foods with high mineral contents are also essential to the elderly’s skin, especially to those who have sensitive complexion.

  • Water for rehydration.

    Our skin needs to get rehydrated more often when we reach seventy because it gets dryer quickly than when we were younger. Since water aids in moisturizing our skin and flushing out toxins from our body, our skin looks refreshed by drinking more liquids.

  • Quit smoking, it kills our skin too. 

    Smoking is already notorious for being a lung killer, but we should also take note that this bad habit also causes damage to our skin. Unknown to many, the chemicals in tobacco speeds up our aging process; and smoking frequently causes premature wrinkling as well as poor wound healing. If you practice this bad habit and observe that your wounds or scars do not heal fast, the chemicals in the cigarette you inhale might be the culprit. So quit it.

  • Don’t get stressed too much. 

    Have you noticed how we get pimples easily when we feel tired or stressed out? Our brain and our skin are directly connected and our body releases hormones which cause outbreaks when we feel lonely. From now on, we should get away from stress and engage in activities which would keep our mind at ease. This way, we could also keep our skin young-looking.

  • Protect your skin from the sun.

    Although the Vitamin D we get from the sun could work wonders to our skin, too much exposure to the sunlight could also cause adverse effects on it. Among the skin issues we get from prolonged sun exposure include skin cancer, sunburn, intensified skin discoloration, and wrinkling. Accordingly, we should use sunblock with SPF 50+ whenever we get out to protect our skin from these problems.

These tips could save us from various skin issues and make us look better as well. Stop exposing your skin to hazards and instead, protect it from them.

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