Tips on Post-Operative Care at Home


What is post-operative care? As the name suggests, it begins immediately after a surgical operation and is the special care that has to be provided to the one who has just been discharged after a surgical operation until the day of complete recovery. The type of care to be given is not generic; it will have to be personalized according to one’s medical history and the type of surgical operation that has been performed on them.

Although post-operative care will have to be specialized according to the patient, there are a few steps you can take and even use to plan ahead for the entire period of your loved one’s recovery. Bear in mind, though, that for the personalized post-operative home health care the patient will be needing, you may have to employ the help of a professional care provider.

  • Make Safe and Hassle-free Sleeping Arrangements

    If the patient’s sleeping quarters are on the second floor, it will be much better to make arrangements to have them sleep and live on the ground floor during the recovery period. This will prevent accidents from using the stairs, preventing disturbing the stitches and operated areas of the body and helping with recovery.

  • Stock-Up on Materials Needed for Wound Care

    Dressings will have to be changed from time to time in order to prevent infection and aggravating the healing wound. It may be inconvenient for you or your care provider to go out and purchase dressing materials and antiseptics when you have just realized that you have run out. It is better to stock up in advance—depending on what type of surgery the patient is going to get, but it will also help to have a few general dressing and wound care materials, just in case.

  • Don’t Neglect Physical Activity

    Of course, proper rest is needed in order for the patient to fully recover after the surgery. Normal Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) may be difficult to do now, and your loved one will be needing assistance in moving around and performing personal tasks and activities. It is also important for them to move around, even for a little while every now and then, in order to prevent their body organs and limbs from atrophy.

Lastly, it is important to have someone see to it that your loved one is recovering well, and will religiously follow through all of the doctor’s orders in medication, wound care, and rehabilitative therapy. For post-operative adult care services in Massachusetts, you can trust us at Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. We can readily provide your loved one with the quality care they need in order to recover in the shortest time possible. As a home care provider in Worcester, Massachusetts, we continuously improve our methods and ways of providing home health care. This way, we can give only the best, genuine, and compassion-driven services to you and your loved ones in need.

To learn more about our post-operative care, and other services that we offer, you may contact us at 508-757-7878 and talk to one of our friendly caregivers today.

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