Some Benefits of Red Wine for Senior Citizens

Some Benefits of Red Wine for Senior Citizens

Did you know there are actually health benefits for the seniors associated with drinking red wine?

Many studies show that older adults who drink 1-2 glasses of red wine a day experience health benefits. Some doctors even recommend red wine to be part of an elderly person’s diet. It is also included in many Home Health Care meal preparation services.

Here are some of the benefits senior citizens may experience from drinking red wine:

  • Red Wine Can Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

    Drinking a glass of red wine daily can help promote heart health. Red wine helps promote good cholesterol in the body. Good cholesterol is important because it can help remove plaque from the blood vessels which can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • It Can Help Lower the Risk of Dementia

    Studies show that dementia and cognitive impairment can be linked to vascular disease. Heart disease or stroke can increase the risk of dementia. This is because vascular diseases can restrict blood flow to the brain. Since red wine can promote vascular health, in effect it could also reduce the risk of dementia.

  • Red Wine Can Help Reduce Inflammation

    Red wine has antioxidant properties which can help reduce inflammation in the body. This is a good thing because inflammation can lead to arthritis and other negative effects on the body. With our Adult Care Services in Massachusetts, we can include red wine and other healthy food as part of your loved one’s meal plan.

These were just a few benefits that red wine can have for the elderly. Prestige Health Care Services, Inc., is a Home Care Provider in Worcester, Massachusetts that provides many beneficial services for the elderly including properties meal preparation.

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