Managing Chronic Back Pain

Can Exercise Benefit the Elderly?

Chronic pain impedes the full capacity of a person to become productive in his daily activities. There are even those who just simply have to live with it. However, there are now pain management options that are anchored on the physiological and psychological aspects of pain, in order that total pain relief is accomplished. That is why in cases of chronic back pain, the discomfort will interfere with the individual’s capacity to do exercise, which can cause psychological stress in the long run.

Pain Management

Through the current pain management techniques available, it helps in identifying which areas of the patient’s body needs support, determine what part needs surgery, or it can be an alternative for possible surgery. There are different kinds of techniques being used in pain management, and staff from Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. is well-trained in this aspect.

Non-Invasive Technique to Address Back Pain

  1. Exercise – The use of exercise will increase muscle strength, enhances flexibility, and restore the normal range of motion, and thus, will rehabilitate the overall musculoskeletal health of a person.
  2. Modification in Behavior – Patients are encouraged by Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts to modify their behaviors so that there is appropriate response to the back pain stimuli. Further, it is supplemented by cognitive therapy such as through relaxation and coping techniques, as well as biofeedback (such as controlling muscle tension) in order to get symptomatic relief from back pain.
  3. Application of Hot or Cold Packs – Heating will allow for blood to flow through the back and provide necessary nourishment and oxygenation to the entire area. On the other hand, the use of cold packs will initiate numbing of the back, which will decrease the pain felt.
  4. Electrotherapy– The use of low voltage electricity that’s applied to the back stimulates the nervous system.
  5. Pharmacologic Management – There are a lot of pain relievers that are available which can treat pain in acute onset, and even those that are already chronic. Analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants are just few of the drugs commonly used to alleviate back discomfort. Some of these can be availed over the counter. However, for the pains that are chronic and unbearable, there are narcotic medications that are prescribed by physicians.

When it comes to pain management, there is no single field in healthcare that holds the monopoly in addressing the issues. Health workers in various areas need to work collectively in order to provide appropriate pain relief to the patient. The pain management program that needs to be set-up should be comprehensive in nature so that it will provide a holistic relief.

Although there are different pain management techniques available, the important part any healthcare worker must do is to always be in assistance with the client and proactively help in choosing which technique in pain management can give the appropriate result.


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