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Falls are dangerous to everyone, but even more so to older adults. Why, you ask? This is because falls target the some of the weaknesses seniors have.

You see, as we get older, our body changes. Seniors no longer have the best of their healing capabilities (due to certain health conditions such as diabetes). They don’t have the same strength in their bones as they did when they were younger either. Nor do they have the best of their reflexes to counter a fall. All these factors combined can lead your senior loved one to suffer an injury if they aren’t careful.

Keep your home environment free from hazards that can trigger a fall by:

  1. Freeing the floor from all clutter.

    When there are items on the floor, everyone is bound to trip on them one way or the other. Make sure you remove any objects on the walk paths to prevent this from happening.

  2. Tidying up all the cords.

    Extension cords and electrical wires can cause you to lose your balance when you least expect it. Keep them out of the way by rounding them up with zip ties.

  3. Wiping any spillage ASAP.

    Moist areas put your home at risk for developing molds too. Have some paper towels at the ready so you can easily dry any wet surfaces.

  4. Fixing or replacing any loose floorboards or tiles.

    Unhinged or chipped tiles not only look off-putting, they bring danger to your family too. Make it a habit to tend to spills quickly to prevent accidents from happening. Oh, and don’t forget to secure your mats and carpets too!

  5. Keeping the pets away.

    As much as we love our furry companions, their bursts of energy can sometimes block our grandparents’ path and cause them to trip. Designate a specific area where your pets are allowed so they don’t cause any trouble.

  6. Considering installing handlebars for safety.

    You can place handlebars by the stairs or in the bathroom. That way, the older adults in your family can independently tend to their business.

  7. Providing your loved one with constant assistance.

    Keeping a constant eye on your senior loved one is one of the best precautions you can take in maintaining their safety. However, there are times when that isn’t just possible. But don’t worry! Whether you’re stuck at work or have previous appointments you can’t get out of, it’s okay. You can simply request a friendly carer from Prestige Healthcare Services, Inc. to help you and your senior loved one.

Being one of the best home care provider in Worchester, Massachusetts, we won’t only prevent your loved one from suffering a fall, but we will also serve them with quality home health care. Our services will surely give your senior loved one a more convenient and comfortable experience.

Set an appointment with us today and learn more about how we can be of help to your family!

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