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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy has been our means of treating various diseases, injuries or deformities with the use of various physical methods like heat treatment, massage and exercise without the use of drugs and surgery. After a person experiences physical impairments, physical therapists will create a customized treatment plan in order to help make daily tasks easier … Continue reading

All You Need to Know about Speech Therapy for the Older Adults

Speech therapy is a new field of study in the medical field. Older adults equally benefit from this therapy and it has become a necessity for the elders have been suffering from the consequences brought to them by stroke or dementia. Being able to communicate well is significant no matter what age you are in. … Continue reading

Valuable Advantages of Home Care

These days, more and more people are opting to partner with home care providers like us at Prestige Health Care Services, Inc., to get in-home care. This is because: Home care promotes faster healing as patients tend to recover quicker at the comforts of their own home. Home care is the most affordable health care … Continue reading