Should Parents Resort To AAC?

Should Parents Resort To AAC?

The acronym may be uncommon to most, but this is familiar term for parents whose children have speech disorders because this is often used by speech pathologists. To begin with, the acronym means Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and it encompasses different kinds of communication techniques which also serve as add-on to the way the kids express themselves. It helps these kids get around the challenges they have with the ordinary means of speaking. Speech therapists from Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. know these too well. ACC often includes the use of gestures such as by pointing, utilization of pictures, as well as application of innovative technologies.

Kinds of AAC:

  • No Technology Used AAC – Through this type, the kids are made to communicate with the use of any forms of equipment. This is often referred by speech pathologists as a form of unaided communication. Usually, kids are encouraged to use gestures, body language, facial expressions, and even vocalizations.
  • Use of High Technology for Communication – This method is characterized by the use of devices which have batteries in them. These devices have easy to use buttons so the kids will not have troubles manipulating them, and it produces certain sounds whenever it’s pressed. However, advancement in technologies has made this type of communication system to become available to familiar devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets through apps.
  • Use of Low Technology ACC – These can come in the form of pen and paper, word boards, communication charts, pictures, books, and certain objects. These groups of materials do not need battery when used.

Myths Regarding AAC

  • Being a Last Resort. Many parents believe that the use of AAC by speech pathologists should only start when all other means have been exhausted and there is no hope for any developing speech to materialize. However, this should not be encouraged as this means that the child will have to wait a long time before learning to communicate what he or she feels, and it will deny the child the chance to learn language and vocabulary. If communication is delayed, the child may exhibit negative behaviors.
  • AAC Needs Prerequisite Skills. There are even parents who believe that their kids need prerequisite skills in order to begin learning AAC. Most speech pathologists believe that there is no need for any skills in order for AAC to commence, and there are even research that points to the fact that children uses abstract symbols, pictures, and even play to express what they want, long before they can even use language.
  • AAC Impedes Proper Communication. The myth that AAC will hinder the children to maximize their potential in communicating is a wrong notion. These children do need to learn the different modes of communication, which the speech and language pathologist can aid, so that they can effectively verbalize what they want to say. In fact, the use of AAC will even give the children a positive start on speech development.

You can always depend that most Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts can provide you with the right AAC system that can be truly fitting to the needs of your child. Additionally, the system is tailored for your child’s skills, wants, and the context of speech development.

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