Senior Care: What Safety Measures to Install at Home

Senior Care: What Safety Measures to Install at Home

Quality senior care is our advocacy and intention always as a Home Care Provider in Worcester, Massachusetts. For this reason, we always ensure that the care providers we deploy to you are all well-trained, professional, exceptional, and dependable. When you have trusted assistants taking care of your aging loved one at home, you can have the peace of mind knowing that their well-being is secured.

However, securing your loved one with the aid of a professional care provider is not the only way that you can ensure their safety at home. You also need to install safety measures at home so that they can easily roam around especially when no one is keeping them company at that moment.

With that, here are safety measures that you need to establish in your abode to help ensure the well-being of your aging loved one:

  • Always ensure that the floor is free of clutter no matter how small these are. Little clutters or misplaced furniture can be tripped upon by an aging family member and this can lead to unpleasant and unwanted falls, which can result in injuries or disabilities.
  • Ensure that the slippery areas at home, especially the bathroom, have grab bars installed so your senior loved one can easily hold on to these.
  • Install anti-scald features at the showers or faucets to ensure that your loved one can use safe water when they take a bath or use the toilet. Aside from getting a Home Health Care provider to assist them in the bathroom, these anti-scald features also ensure they’re safe.
  • Put up smoke detectors alarm that can vibrate or blink bright lights to alert seniors on possible incidents such as a fire. Because seniors can also have mobility issues in the aging season, the presence of smoke detectors can help them to prepare and get to safety.
  • Tuck away all stray wires and cables that can possibly cause tripping to our elderly loved ones. Ensure these are tucked at the corners of the floors to prevent our aging loved ones from accidentally stepping on them.
  • Put non-skid mats on areas at home that are frequently slippery. These include the kitchen, bathroom, and even at the entrance at home. Since slippery floors are a hazard, non-skid mats can secure your aging family member.
  • Install bright lighting along doorways and hallways at home. When our aging family members have limited vision, they may have difficulty seeing clearly what they’re walking on, increasing the risk of falls.

With our Adult Care Services in Massachusetts, you can also provide further assistance to your aging loved one so they are safe and secure at home even when you’re not around. If you need our services, simply set an appointment with us at Prestige Health Care Services, Inc.

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