Make Your Home Senior-Friendly!


Contrary to what some of us might think, retirement homes are not the only ones that can provide your senior loved ones with the proper day-to-day care. Although some of us may opt for placing our senior loved ones in facilities and homes so that we will not have to worry about accidents and health issues, this may come at a disadvantage, especially in the part of our dear elderly. They can’t help but feel lonely, uneasy, and uncomfortable, especially because they are no longer in the familiarity of their own homes.

There is, however, a way to enable your elderly loved ones to live in the house they are comfortable with without having to worry about accidents, mishaps, and health and companionship issues: simply make the house senior-friendly! Now, this may require modifications. However, if your elderly loved ones are still capable and will need minor assistance in their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), these modifications will not cost nearly as much as paying monthly in retirement homes.

As a home care provider in Worcester, Massachusetts, we would like to share these steps in creating a senior-friendly, safe, and comfortable living place:

  • Make Entrances and Exits Fall-proof

    Steps and stairs are the number one cause for fall-based accidents and mishaps, so avoid having any sort of inclination in the house, especially in entrances and exits. If the house was already made with steps, a good ramp over these, or removing them completely is sure to prevent accidents.

  • Design a Large, Easily-Accessible Bathroom

    Accidents and mishaps can often happen in the bathroom due to a lack of holding material and the slipperiness on the floor that may come with after-showers. Therefore, it is imperative that the bathroom is designed to be a safe and convenient for your elderly loved ones. Install handle bars on walls, especially in the shower, and near the toilet and sink. It would also be helpful to have non-slip rubber mats in the shower to prevent slipping.

  • Give Plenty of Room for Movement

    A plentiful arrangement of furniture and household items can make the space difficult to navigate in. This can be challenging for your senior loved ones who may be using canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. Keep furniture and household items or décor at a minimum. Get rid of doors to various areas inside the house, and opt for wide and open entryways instead.

The last step of making a place safe and comfortable for your senior loved ones will be to employ home health care services that will provide your dear elderly with the proper personal assistance while remaining in the comforts of their own abode. If you are seeking for adult care services in Massachusetts, contact us in Prestige Health Care Service, Inc. at 508-757-7878.

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