How Occupational Therapy Helps

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Occupational therapy provides support to individuals whose health inhibits them from doing everyday activities. This is why at Prestige Health Care Services, Inc., we offer occupational therapy services that you can trust.

Our occupational therapists are dedicated to helping you break down barriers that impede you from doing activities that you want to do. Moreover, we will also help not just in examining the physical effects of your disease or injury; but we will also address the mental, environmental, psycho-social, and community factors that have an influence on your functioning.

To start off, our occupational therapist at Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. will check exactly what you are still capable of. Depending on your situation, they may check:

  • What you physically can and cannot do (including coordination, strength, balance, and other physical abilities)
  • What you mentally can and cannot do (including organization skills, coping strategies, memory, and other mental capacities)
  • The emotional and social support presented to you in your home, work, school, and community
  • Physical setup at your home, work place, school, community, or in the other environments you frequent

Depending on what the issue is, our dedicated occupational therapist can help you overcome it through:

  1. Helping you cope with or overcome your disability. Our occupational therapist can instruct you how to do certain things with the current abilities that you have. For example:
    • How to dress and groom using one arm
    • How to recall things when your memory is poor
    • How to manage your money and time
    • How to get around while using a wheelchair
    • How to handle your stressors
  2. Adjusting the materials you use. Depending on your disability, you might find it hard to use some materials. That is why we at Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. will make sure to adjust materials according to your needs. For example:
    • Clothes and shoes with Velcro ties
    • Customized bath or toilet seats
    • Larger push buttons on your telephone
    • Using a special key holder to make key-turning easier
    • Wrist stabilizer
    • A customized chair to help you sit up straight

These are just some of the many ways in which occupational therapy can help you. As a compassionate provider of home health care in Worcester, Massachusetts, we want to help you realize that despite whatever disability or illness you have, you can still enjoy things you want to do.

Call us at 508-757-7878 for more information about our occupational therapy and other services today!

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