Health Signs According to Your Feet


Believe it or not, the looks of your feet can actually signal something about your overall health. Being your partner in attending to the care needs of your loved one at home, here is something you might want to know about how your feet tell you about your health:

  • If you can notice discolored toes even without having a heavy object fall on your feet, it could be as mild as a fungal infection, or as serious as a hidden melanoma. You can’t risk putting off a doctor’s appointment to have it checked. The sooner you know what causes the discoloration, the quicker is the intervention for your overall health.
  • Do you notice the little portion of hair on your toes? Some people have finer hairs than others. However, when these hairs have totally gone bald, it could reflect a poor flow of blood. These instances happen to patients with diabetes or hypertension, wherein blood flow to the rest of the body parts can be obstructed by their illnesses. Get that condition seen by a doctor.
  • Aside from balding toes, the feelings of numbness in the foot can also happen if the person has a poor blood flow in their lower extremities. The very common reasons are sitting or standing too long in the same position. However, if this numbness frequently occurs or even when you’re active, it’s something you should be suspicious about. Get it checked by your doctor.
  • The appearance of dry and flaky skin, especially along the heels, can point to an abnormality on the thyroid gland. This organ is responsible for producing hormones that take charge of a person’s metabolism and tissue growth, among others. Thus, when broken skin appears like this, it could point to a less functioning thyroid organ. While some foot cracks appear after being exposed to extreme cold, if you’ve noticed that your loved one suddenly gains weight, or experiences vision problems, or complains about numbness in their hands, it will be safe to get them checked with a doctor.
  • Have you been experiencing sharp pains in your feet every morning? This pain usually comes around when you get out of bed and make your first few steps of the day. This type of pain can point to rheumatoid arthritis, which is the typical inflammation of the joints appearing in the latter years. It can also be plantar fasciitis or muscle cramps, both conditions can be overcome by the active healthy lifestyle.

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