Health Services in Your Home in MA

Home health nurse helps a senior patient

Our Energy Employees Occupational Illness Program Act (EEOICPA) Program

For Uranium Miners, Millers, and Haulers.

Prestige Health Care Services (PHSC) specializes in caring for workers who contracted illnesses while working in the uranium industry during the Cold War. Prestige Health Care Services received its government-issued provider ID number for the US Department of Labor’s Workers Compensation Programs and proudly serves qualified beneficiaries under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Program Act (EEOICPA) programs. This specialized care comes at no cost to the eligible individual or family. There are no deductibles or co-payments.

Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. specializes in caring for workers who suffer from chronic conditions such as lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, silicosis, chronic beryllium disease, cor-pulmonale and pneumoconiosis caused by work-related exposure at one of the covered DOE/DOL worksites.

Our staff works closely with your primary care physician, the US Department of Labor, and your family to create a care plan suited to your needs. The plan will optimize your level of health and keep you in the comfort of your own home. We believe our clients thrive by staying in their homes and communities surrounded by their loved ones.

For more information, please look into the Home Health EEOICPA Brochure.

Our Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) Program

The Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) Program provides daily assistance with personal care services, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), and case management services to the elderly and/or disabled Mass Health members who meet the clinical criteria for the program and resides in some type of elderly/disabled housing complex. The following are the requirements for the members:

  • Must be 22 years of age or older
  • Must have a standard Medicaid
  • Must have had a physical exam within the last three months and a physician’s confirmation that GAFC can meet the individual’s needs
  • Must be able to walk and transfer with minimal assistance
  • Must have a personal emergency response system or a telephone to call for help

We provide the following services through our Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) Program:

  • Personal Care
  • Bathing and Bathroom Assistance
  • Dressing and Undressing
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Medication Reminder
  • Transfer

For more information about the Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) Program and other services, please call 508-757-7878.