Avoiding Medication Mistakes among Senior Adults


It is important to have proper medication management among seniors. Being negligent and careless about taking medication may have dangerous and fatal health consequences. According to government estimates, more than 125,000 die annually, in the United States due to failure to take medication properly. It is very common to acquire home health care to get assistance with some services, one of which is medication management. Prestige Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts is proud to provide such service to senior adults.

It is common for the elderly to forget to take their medication. This is often due to the factor that the average senior citizen takes a minimum of 4 medications per day. Keeping track of your medication is an ordeal itself which is why Prestige Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts. helps you with this challenge. We understand that taking medication incorrectly can be life-threatening which is why we help avoid the most common medication mistakes, such as:

  • Overdose – this is the most fatal yet most common medication error according to and FDA study about drug errors. It is important to always take medication as prescribed by your doctor and pharmacist.
  • Confusing medications with one another – due to the common similar sounding names, it is possible to get your medication mixed up. It is important to keep all your medications clearly marked and separated. You can also try separating medication in advance using a pill dispenser or organizer to avoid confusion.
  • Mixing medications which can be dangerous if taken at the same time – some medication should never be mixed or taken together. Sometimes patients are inadvertently prescribed medications or take medications which are dangerous when mixed. It is important to keep all your doctors and pharmacists updated on all the medication you are taking. This will therefore help them help you keep your medication organized and safe.
  • Interaction between medication and your food intake – always be mindful and read your prescription and the labels. Be sure about the proper way to mix food and medication. For example, knowing if you should only take the medicine on an empty stomach or not. Also, some of the food you eat may contradict the effect or purpose of the medication such as eating food rich in vitamin K while taking and anticoagulant. This is one of the reasons why acquiring home health care services can be beneficial.
  • Incorrectly administering medication – According an FDA report, 16% of medication errors involve using the wrong route of administration. It is important to follow all instructions on your medication labels. When in doubt, never hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist with regards to how to properly administer your medication.

Prestige Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts knows that it is important to have a caregiver present to ensure that medication is taken using the proper mode, on time and on dose. Proper medication management can only be successful if the patient and caregiver work together. We value life and we do everything possible to make your living at home comfortable, healthy and secure.

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