6 Fun Recreational Activities for the Elderly


“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
—World Health Organization

Eating healthy foods and taking proper vitamins and supplements are not enough to keep seniors in their best shape. Engaging in fun recreational activities also poses some healthful benefits. Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. enumerates some fun recreational activities your elderly loved one can revel in.

  1. Pursuing their hobbies. Hobbies are not only considered as elders’ pastime. It also gives elders something to look forward to. Sadly, old age sometimes limits one’s ability to perform some tasks that they used to do during their younger days. But this does not mean that they can no longer engage in their favorite hobby. Modify it! If your elderly loved one is fond of baking but is unable to because of their condition, find ways that they can make use of their hobby, like by helping them create a recipe book.

  2. Reminiscing the good old days. Take your elder to a trip down the memory lane. Scrapbooking will do just that. It is a fun way for elders to be reminded of the past. Moreover, scrapbooking is a mentally stimulating activity that is good for elders with dementia. You can let them write what descriptions to put for each photo.

  3. Challenge them in a board game. A number of studies have proven the positive effects of board games for seniors. Board games are not only entertaining but they improve memory and cognitive functioning. There are many board games for you to enjoy. Some of these are bingo, chess, scrabble, monopoly, and senior moments.

  4. Host your own senior Olympics. Did you know that there is actually a Senior Olympics governed by the National Senior Games Association? Letting your elderly loved one engage in physical activities can help strengthen their body. But we are not suggesting that you let your elder join in the real Olympics. You can host one and invite your other elder relatives and their friends.

  5. Bring out their creativity. Bring out their inner Picasso! Participating in arts and crafts allows seniors to express themselves. It also serves as a great relaxation technique. Some of the most popular art activities for elders are ceramics, crocheting, sewing, knitting, and painting.

  6. Let them connect with nature. A recent study conducted by the graduate students of the University of Minnesota indicates that everyday access to nature enhances seniors’ quality of life. They suggest that seniors who spend time in blue and green outdoor areas experience heightened feelings of connectedness and renewal. This improves the health and overall well-being of elders.

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