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We Help your Seniors Deal with the Loss of Taste

The aging process is characterized by the loss of stamina and energy, loss of physical health, agility and flexibility, loss of memory, loss of tight skin, shiny hair and toned muscles. It seems that the wisdom we gain from many years of experience comes at a cost and the consequences of aging affects everybody. In … Continue reading

Senior Health and Heat: The Role of a Caregiver

Many of us are excited to see the sun appear smiling again; however, exposure to the summer heat comes with some health issues. Hundreds of people die from heat-related problems every year with most of them being seniors. Many factors contribute to the inability of elderly people to deal with excessive heat and a person … Continue reading

Dementia Care in Worcester, Massachusetts

In senior care, all of the elements of their life stories provide important tools for improving communication, making care activities meaningful, preventing problems, and adding more enjoyment to a caregiver’s relationship with the individual with dementia. Some of the primary ways to utilize their life story are discussed by Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. below: … Continue reading

Balance Exercise for the Elderly

Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. is one of the many providers of Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts that you can rely on. We offer various treatments like the following: Skilled Nursing Physical therapy Occupational therapy Speech therapy Home health aide And many more As physical therapists, caregivers and health care professionals, we encourage our … Continue reading

Facts You Need to Know About Home Health Care

Home health care is probably one of the most preferred care services seniors opt for. It is convenient, personal and professional. A senior could easily be satisfied with this type of service for he or she does not have to adapt to the environment. Plus, it is even of great comfort for the older adult … Continue reading

The 5 common health problems among Seniors

As we enter stages in our lives, our bodies undergo different changes. You may notice the wrinkles on a grandfather’s face or the weak sense of hearing from a grandmother. You may also notice your parents being forgetful in the age of 40 to 50. All these cannot be ignored. With aging comes different problems … Continue reading