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Why Us

Worcester MA Personalized Home Health Services

Prestige Health Care Services Inc. Is About People we Care.
Wonderful People. Remarkable Care.

Prestige Health Care Services is staffed with multi-lingual professionals: English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French, etc. We provide our clients with quality home health services that continue to improve, we maintain to be flexible with the delivery of our services. We understand that it’s very possible for a care plan to work now but won’t be as effective in later years. As an agency, we are solutions-oriented. If a current solution has lost its potent ability to achieve optimal health for patients, we can look for other better solutions that will be appropriate for a specific patient at a given time period.
At Prestige our goal is quite simple; we want to bring health home to you. We specialize in helping you manage life safely, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Our service is prompt, reliable and personal.We offer care in Worcester, Massachusetts with three main levels of service; Home Health, Private Duty, and Personal Services.
We employ a wide range of compassionate and credentialed staff with prior hands-on experience in a variety of healthcare settings. Whether you or your loved one require the skilled services of a nurse, RN or LPN, the evaluation and treatment of a therapist, or the personal care and homemaking from a caregiver or aide, We can meet your needs.
All employees working through us have been thoroughly screened and mandatory background checks before becoming employed for Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts.