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Fun Hobbies for Senior Citizens

We all should have a hobby. It does not matter if it is big, small, expensive, or cheap. Having something that can keep us busy is not only a good way to spend the day but it can help keep … Continue reading

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5 Surprising Benefits of Coffee for the Elderly

Are the elderly allowed to drink coffee? Is it beneficial to their health? Too much coffee in a day could cause us restlessness, nervousness, and even insomnia. If we drink coffee late at night, we would probably have a hard … Continue reading

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Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy Even at Seventy

Have you noticed how your skin has changed when you reach fifty, sixty, and seventy? By fifty, wrinkles and fine lines begin to be prominent on our faces. When we reach sixty, our skin becomes more vulnerable to infections and … Continue reading

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Is Grandma/Grandpa at Risk of Having Mental Illness?

Mental illness is a serious condition among adults aged 55 and older. Even if it is seen as an alarming condition in the medical field, many elderly individuals continue living with it without seeking any medical help. According to the … Continue reading

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Facts You Need to Know About Speech Disorders Among Children

Lisps, stutters, and mispronounced words – we find these cute when a child says it. But should we really be amused? Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. lists down some facts all parents and guardians should know about speech disorders among … Continue reading

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