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6 Fun Recreational Activities for the Elderly

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” —World Health Organization Eating healthy foods and taking proper vitamins and supplements are not enough to keep seniors in their … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why You Should Trim Your Nails Regularly

Personal hygiene includes taking care of small areas of your body, such as your fingernails and toenails. Unfortunately, for some people, particularly the elders, they find it difficult to attend to their nails. Will this cause some serious problems? Prestige … Continue reading

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How Better Health Care at Home Prevents Hospitalization

Many of us dread hospitals. The food, the environment, and the people – all of them contribute to increased stress and anxiety levels of the patient. While it’s unrealistic to think we could avoid these institutions for the rest of … Continue reading

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Home Health Care and Its Advantages

The benefits that we can gain from today’s modern technology are nothing less than remarkable. For instance, medical services that, many years ago, were only available at hospitals and care institutions can now be provided at home. Studies over the … Continue reading

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6 Steps on How to Combat Depression among Senior Citizens

Depression can be a recurring condition. According to experts, depression is usually prevalent among teenagers and young adults. However, new studies claim that such phenomena relapse happens when one crosses the age of 60 and up. This fact explains why … Continue reading

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